Seattle Hill Elementary PTO



Please come and enjoy an evening of Great Expectations at Seattle Hill Elementary.  This is a parent event where you will get to meet the teachers and staff of Seattle Hill Elementary and learn about all the exciting things your student has to look forward to this year.  You will also hear from your PTO about whats coming up and get more info at the PTO table.   

5:30-5:50pm - LAP: Mrs Tobin Portable 14
                      Resource Room: Mrs Anderson and Ms. Kipperberg Portable 1
                      ELL: Mrs Welker Portable 2
                      Library: Mrs Harkins Library 
                      Band: Mrs Stephenson Portable 3
                      Speech: Mrs Hanna Kindergarten Pod

6:00-6:15pm - Parent Meeting: Meet the Staff in the Gym

6:20-6:45pm - First Session

6:50-7:15pm - Second Session